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What is waterjet cutting?

Waterjet machining utilizes a high pressure stream of water to erode a narrow line in the stock material.  It has the ability to cut almost any material while maintaining high precision. To cut a wider range of materials from tool steel to titanium to foam, a granular (typically garnet) abrasive is added to the waterjet, increasing the cutting power.

Ease of Use Ease of Use
High Precision High Precision
Fast Turnaround Fast Turnaround
Cuts Variety of Materials Cuts Variety of Materials

OMAX abrasive waterjet technology gives you the power to pass your competition and grow your business and profits.



Maximize your production capabilities with a finely tuned machine that integrates pump technology and software performance unlike any other in the industry.


Maximum capability with the widest accessory compatibility.  Learn more »


Configured for your business with broad accessory compatibility.  Learn more »


Value abrasive waterjet with essential accessory compatibility.  Learn more »


The first high performance, personal waterjet.  Learn more »


Our easy-to use Intelli-MAX software offers lightning-fast programming and extraordinary power and performance. Precise cutting motions and the fastest cutting speeds in the industry will help you optimize part cutting and increase your productivity.

The Rest of the Story: Software’s Effect on Cutting Speed »

Pump Exterior 
Pump Interior 


Our direct drive pump technology provides 30% more nozzle horsepower than intensifier pumps with the same motor power. This added power means you can produce parts faster and at a lower cost. 

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Customer Stories

  • Sjömarkens Industrisvets AB, Sweden

    Sjömarkens Industrisvets AB, Sweden

    Two of the major advantages of being an abrasive waterjet shop in our area include having the ability to take on excess work. The other advantage is our ability to turnaround projects very fast. In the three years we’ve owned the OMAX machine, it's common for me to work 19-hour days because of our workload. We can’t do panic jobs on our mill or laser. You cannot draw directly from a milling or laser computer, those machines require a designated drafter to translate drawing files.

  • Jacquet Italaglio, part of Jacquet Metal Service Group, Italy

    Jacquet Italaglio, part of Jacquet Metal Service Group, Italy

    I chose an OMAX waterjet after comparing the results from actual tests done on different brand machines. OMAX proved to be much faster and more efficient than the competition. We got the same part quality from each machine, but the OMAX cut it in much less time.

  • Steel Industries, New Guinea

    Steel Industries, New Guinea

    Steel Industries was tasked with replacing a broken crane part. With the crane located across the island, the normal lead times for replacing a part in that remote area was around three weeks. The crane owner traced the broken part and faxed it to Steel Industries, where they took that drawing and imported it into the Intelli-MAX Software Suite and created the CAD file for the MAXIEM to cut. While it was cutting, the crane owner took a helicopter to an airfield and then flew a small plane to Port Moresby to pick up the part.

  • Hexagon, Brazil

    Hexagon, Brazil

    Hexagon found the OMAX Intelli-MAX software easy to use and started to cut production parts with the OMAX within a few days after installation. With the OMAX 5555, Hexagon found they could cut 15-20 mm thick stainless steel and maintain a precision of, with no need for secondary finishing. The OMAX has helped Hexagon to reduce its cost per part.

  • Techaids, India

    Techaids, India

    The inclusion of OMAX abrasive waterjet technology into Techaids of India's production facility has expanded its customer base dramatically. The flexibility of waterjet production means that no job is too small or too large. As their managing director, Mr. HM Singh notes, their client base comes from all segments, government, education, and commercial: "a student is our client for his room name plate, a state minister for his house architectural cutting, and a business house for its engineering cutting." 

Typical Users & Applications

Job Shops

Our easy-to-use abrasive waterjets add to your shop’s capabilities to cut or machine a variety of materials to the speed and precision demanded by a range of industries

  • Cut a wide range of materials, including metals, composites, stone, ceramics, hard rubber and glass
  • OMAX machines enable up to 6-axis cutting, accommodate a range of workpiece sizes, and offer versatility to fulfill orders ranging from prototyping to production
Job Shops


Our waterjet systems provide local and national governments, from fire departments to military units, with flexible solutions that save time and money.

  • Easy-to-transport and operate mobile machines for rapid field repair
  • Quickly machine a wide range of materials from tough metals to exotic alloys


Whether for training or research, our waterjets serve as learning tools for high school, trade school, college and university engineering and physics labs.

  • Fast setup and intuitive software are perfect for the rapid prototyping of experimental concepts and designs
  • Range of table sizes, including small-footprint machines ideal for smaller facilities
  • Expand research potential with micromachining


From landing gear to controls to space exploration, our high-precision, multi-axis abrasive waterjets are ideal for the aerospace industry.

  • Quickly produce stronger, lighter components
  • Easily cut difficult-to-machine materials, including exotic alloys, titanium, aluminum and composites, without thermal distortion


Our abrasive waterjets simplify architectural design and production, from granite countertops to outdoor facades and signage.

  • Simply and accurately cut complex shapes and inlaid patterns
  • Cut a wide range of materials, including stone, concrete, ceramics, hard rubber and glass


Our abrasivejet solutions add versatility and speed in parts production for energy vehicles, vessels, and pilings as well as drill tips and downhole components.

  • Machine a range of materials from stainless steel to exotic materials efficiently and cost effectively with nesting and common line cutting capabilities
  • Advanced 3D capabilities allow for easy tube and pipe welding prep


Our waterjet solutions provide the precision required for medical manufacturing applications, from prosthetics to device components.

  • Reduce cycle times with tight tolerances and fast cutting speeds
  • Produce medical components, from titanium to stainless steel, from computer-designed patterns


From engine components for race cars to suspension brackets to gears for vehicles or trains, our waterjets offer advanced solutions to the transportation industry.

  • Cut precision parts from a range of materials, including aluminum, steel and carbon fiber
  • Reduce cycle times with no complex tooling changes
  • Maximize productivity by stacking sheets and nesting parts

OMAX Can Cut


OMAX waterjet machine cuts all grades of steel and produces a smooth edge with no burn marks, cracking or excess burrs. OMAX waterjets easily cut stainless and hardened tool steel, aluminum, titanium, and a host of exotic metals that prove difficult to cut with other tools or processes.



OMAX has the capability to perform a low pressure pierce that automatically switches to high pressure mode to continue the tool path. This means that even the most brittle glass can easily be pierced to create a starting point and still be cut at maximum speed.



OMAX waterjets cut carbon fiber-reinforced plastics to glass-reinforced plastics quickly and cleanly. There is no need to change tooling or process restrictions due to heat buildup because of the "cold cutting" inherent to abrasive waterjet.  The lack of heat affected zones means no melting or impact requiring secondary processes and no hazardous fumes.



OMAX can cut all stone products, concrete, and consumer grade ceramics cleanly and quickly and our software can enable you to easily produce intricate, customized designs.


What Materials can Waterjets cut?

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Abrasive Waterjet Solutions

Wherever you are, we are invested in your success.

In more than 60 countries, OMAX provides strong after sales service with our advanced support network of international distributor partners as well as country-specific technical support teams. It puts unmatched engineering expertise, applications development, spare part services and comprehensive training in close proximity to all of our customers around the world.


Technical support and customer service teams with decades of abrasive waterjet support and know how- to our customers.


Extensive in-house R&D and engineering team with hundreds of years of combined waterjet technology experience.


All OMAX Machines are designed, manufactured and tested at our facility in Kent, Washington.


OMAX provides our customer with a variety of on-site and online training courses to ensure successful machine operation and lower operating costs.


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