Hexagon, Brazil

Hexagon found the OMAX Intelli-MAX software easy to use and started to cut production parts with the OMAX within a few days after installation. With the OMAX 5555, Hexagon found they could cut 15-20 mm thick stainless steel and maintain a precision of 20.mm, with no need for secondary finishing. The OMAX has helped Hexagon to reduce its cost per part.

CEAP, SRL, Italy

Andrea Dani Manager of CEAP said, "We learned from ITEK, the OMAX distributor in Italy, that the acquisition and operational costs could provide a reasonable return on investment.” With their 120X churning out components in-house, CEAP is discovering just that. While their initial goal was to support the production needs of TUBISTEEL, the company has expanded their business to serve local metal processing needs.


“For what we do, OMAX 2626 is the only system that allows us to give a product with finishes of absolute exclusivity. Working this product with other systems would be impossible,” said Elisa Ferrari, Sales & Marketing Manager for DiamArt. The micro diamond surfaces are specialized custom pieces. The abrasive waterjet enables DiamArt to customize each piece to exact parameters.
Venables Machine Works

Venables Machine Works Limited

“When deciding between a flame, plasma, laser, or waterjet, we decided to go with the waterjet due to the precise cutting option with no heat or heat affected distortion, and the ability to cut almost any type of material,” states Dan Wingerak, Venables’ Shop Manager and Vice President of Operations. In addition, abrasive waterjet conserves time by removing the need for secondary machining,
Ansaldo Nuclear

Ansaldo Nuclear

Andy Bull, operator and machining specialist at Ansaldo, praised the addition of the MAXIEM to the cutting department. “The new OMAX system replaces two older waterjet systems with intensifier pumps that we previously used. I am very happy that our management decided not only to replace the existing technology, but to upgrade our cutting department with the best waterjet cutting system available.”
Bu Ge Go


Bu.Ge.Go decided purchase a GlobalMAX® 1530 because, “It was the only alternative that allowed us to cut all type of materials, even with considerable thickness,” explained Luca Buzzoni, partner and waterjet operator. “Another aspect that, for us, was very important was the floor space requirement. We appreciate the compact size of the machine. We also earn a better surface finish given by the ‘cold cutting’ of the waterjet technology.”
Curio Ehf

Curio Ehf

The precision, accuracy and speed of the OMAX waterjet, especially when cutting very thick stainless steel, was a massive benefit for Curio. “It started with the old 55100 – the first waterjet in Iceland! – but as the production expanded, the need for more waterjets arose,” said Gunnarsson. In 2014, Curio added a MAXIEM 1530 to their production floor.
The University of Central Lancashire


MATERIAM, In Azcapotzalco, Mexico, is a full-service job shop. They will take most any types of jobs coming in through the door. The energy sector, aerospace, electronics, medical … any company, any creator, any entrepreneur that may require their service. MATERIAM believes in having the right tool for the right job and added an OMAX 80X to better meet their customer’s many needs.