University of British Columbia’s Engineering Physics School, British Columbia, Canada

University Of British Columbia’s Engineering Physics School, Canada

At the Engineering Physics School, students are encouraged and allowed to rack up quality shop time through actual machining experience. In particular, the faculty appreciated the accessibility and ease-of-use of their OMAX 2652 JetMachining Center to their undergraduates. With some basic orientation and instruction on a waterjet, a beginner can machine parts within half an hour of introductory training.
Derek Hunter of Steel Industries

Steel Industries, New Guinea

Steel Industries was tasked with replacing a broken crane part. With the crane located across the island, the normal lead times for replacing a part in that remote area was around three weeks. The crane owner traced the broken part and faxed it to Steel Industries, where they took that drawing and imported it into the Intelli-MAX Software Suite and created the CAD file for the MAXIEM to cut. While it was cutting, the crane owner took a helicopter to an airfield and then flew a small plane to Port Moresby to pick up the part.
Sjömarkens Industrisvets AB

Sjömarkens Industrisvets AB, Sweden

Two of the major advantages of being an abrasive waterjet shop in our area include having the ability to take on excess work. The other advantage is our ability to turnaround projects very fast. In the three years we’ve owned the OMAX machine, it's common for me to work 19-hour days because of our workload. We can’t do panic jobs on our mill or laser. You cannot draw directly from a milling or laser computer, those machines require a designated drafter to translate drawing files.
BC Cancer Agency Genome Sciences Centre

BC Cancer Agency Genome Sciences Centre, Canada

We came to the realization that waterjet was a critical tool for efficient prototyping for several reasons, It's faster, easier to set up and operate and handles more materials than traditional machine tools. Waterjet capabilities can be extended substantially for prototyping with the application of some inexpensive related tools, notably a press brake, a spot welder, and in-house powder coating.
The University of Central Lancashire

UCLAN, England

The University of Central Lancashire is dedicated to providing its students with the tools and experience they need to develop their careers. Recently, they decided to add the MAXIEM Precision JetMachining Center to their workshop because, “we came to better realize the merits of a waterjet such as ease of use and flexibility in of the huge variety of materials and thicknesses it can cope with." Adding the MAXEIM resulted in new opportunities and that helped the UNCLAN students to develop valuable engineering design skills.

Techaids, India

The inclusion of OMAX abrasive waterjet technology into Techaids of India's production facility has expanded its customer base dramatically. The flexibility of waterjet production means that no job is too small or too large. As their managing director, Mr. HM Singh notes, their client base comes from all segments, government, education, and commercial: "a student is our client for his room name plate, a state minister for his house architectural cutting, and a business house for its engineering cutting." 
Diamond Steel

Diamond Stainless, Australia

Our waterjet has absolutely transformed the business. Before the introduction of our MAXIEM waterjet, it would take us at least an hour to cut hear part. It now takes a matter of minutes.
Jacquet Metal Service Group

Jacquet Italaglio

I chose an OMAX waterjet after comparing the results from actual tests done on different brand machines. OMAX proved to be much faster and more efficient than the competition. We got the same part quality from each machine, but the OMAX cut it in much less time.